If you have any questions about the car or the restoration, please send me a message using the contact form below the acknowledgements section.

Tim Mallyon, Sydney Australia.


The progress to date on 102631 would not have been possible without the help and advice from a number of people:


Tony Pallas and his team at All Classic Cars have contributed to the majority of the restoration work. This included:

- sandblasting and painting of the chassis

- repairing and painting of the body

- painting various component parts such as the rear axle, suspension parts, and numerous other items 

- engine top end assembly

- managing the zinc and chrome plating of numerous components

- help and advice on numerous items relating to the restoration

John de-Vit at David Manners supplied the majority of parts used in the restoration. In those rare instances where John wasn't able to supply a part, he was able to suggest other options.

Bryan Purves at Bryan Purves supplied all the trim, including seats, doors, dash and glovebox leather, hood, tonneau, boot mat and all the bits and bobs needed to completely re-trim the car. Bryan also supplied the heater, which I understand is unique to the SP250 and is quite rare.  

Ab Hennekes was able to supply a number of rare parts that were unfortunately missing from my car (as you'd expect afer being dismantled for over 40 years, some bits can go missing).

Barry Thorne at who supplied a water pump pulley after mine broke while being extracted from a very rusty water pump shaft. 

David Stoodley supplied steering parts along with answering numerous questions I had about SP250s in general. David also spent a day helping me with the water pump after I damaged another pulley, the end result being David making me a new lightweight pulley in aluminium. A huge thankyou to David for taking time out of his busy workday to help.

Russ Carpenter of Russ Carpenter and Son for help and advice regarding the engine rebuild.

James Flett at MIA Engine Services Cromer NSW, for all the machining work on the crank, heads, block, etc as well as rebuilding the tappet block, heads and assembling the bottom end. 

Paul Zazryn of Australian Classic Wire Wheels for supplying the hubs, spinners and wheels for the SP250, as well as sending me a new wheel to try before comitting to purchase.

Andrew Makin at Performance Ignition in Melbourne for overhauling the distributor and converting it to Pertronix electronic ignition. Andrew also made the new spark plug leads which are needed with an electronic conversion.

Tony Dixon working through All Classic Cars who recovered the seats and fitted much of the interior trim including the back seat, rear parcel tray, carpets, tonneau cover, hood bag and hood.