I’m not sure where the urge came from, but it must have started back in the mid 1980's when I was in my late teens. I’d just bought a Daimler V8-250. It wasn’t the most sensible of cars, especially for a cash strapped 19 year old, but I wanted something different - and something different was what I got.

The appeal to me at the time, which set it apart from the more common MKII Jaguar, was the car’s engine. There was just something about the small V8; the turbine like sound, the smoothness, the looks, and of course the terrific exhaust note. I soon learned that the engine was derived from the quirky Daimler sports car, the ill-fated SP250. To my mind back then the SP250 was an interesting back story, but I paid it little attention as my focus was on driving and maintaining my V8-250.

Years went by, about 10 in fact, before I happened to see one in the flesh, parked with some other classic cars taking a break on a classic car run. It was white, with a hard top. Definitely quirky. I didn’t give it another thought.

My first Daimler, a 1968 V8-250 as purchased in March, 1985 which I still own today.

My first Daimler, a 1968 V8-250 as purchased in March, 1985 which I still own today.

Fast forward another 10 or so years – to around 2008, when I happened across another car. This time it was a BRG version competing in an event at Oran Park in Western Sydney. The quirkiness was still there, but boy - did that car go! It made me realise that an SP250 would make an interesting track car, maybe I should keep an eye out for one? I soon discovered though that they were pretty rare. Perhaps I should bring one in from the US? I had seen one or two for sale in one of the US car magazines - Hemmings most likely. But it all seemed a bit too hard, and as life goes on priorities change, and it wasn’t long before I’d forgotten all about it.

More years passed by (I have no idea where they went!) and it was now 2015. I started thinking that I’d like to buy a convertible car of some sort. An MGB perhaps? An MX5? Maybe even a Cobra replica? I happened to have a spare Daimler V8 saloon engine under my workbench in the shed at home (as you do). Maybe I should build a clubman kit car using that?

The more I thought about it, the more my thoughts began to crystalize.  The main criteria I was looking for were:

- classic from the 1950's / 1960's

- a convertible

- a V8 of some sort (as original equipment)

- a manual

- a bit different, but not garrish or ostentatious

The more I thought about, and keeping in mind I already had a spare V8 engine if I neded it, my thoughts kept coming back to the SP250. In the end I couldn't shake it, I had to have one!